Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Water the new oil???

I keep reading that water is getting to be in short supply although it rains frequently. One company I found has a solution and that is to collect rain water in new fangled rain barrels. This was often done in the good old days.

Here is a source of various kinds of rain barrels............whats missing in my mind is how to set up a way to use the water that would make sense. I guess you could use slow drip system in planted beds near the barrel???

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Yvonne said...

Hi Lee,

There is one family here that uses huge underground containers to hold rainwater. As you know it rains so rarely here. They collect the water that is running off the roof, and every other thing that can be collected. In turn the water is stored underground to lessen evaporation and then used for everything BUT drinking water.

They claimed that they collect enough during the monsoons to where they only need to buy drinking water. Otherwise there is enough for bathing, dishes, toilets, etc.